Bang Bang Films

Bang Bang Films


Every job is a team effort. Our team, working with your team. This is ours.

Anna  Mira D’Ercole

Founder of Bang Bang Films and the team leader. It is Anna’s mix of pragmatism, adeptness at sourcing the best crews to shoot in the most obscure locations, within budget and tight time frames yet all the while maintaining that Milanese aesthetic, that sets her apart. Anna’s ability to deliver a first-class production with value stems from her background as a Photographer then Assistant Director and finally a Senior Producer.

Catherine de la Harpe 

Catherine is our Producer with many years of experience. She grew up on South African soil with her roots in the dusty plains of the Karoo. She has worked both in service and closely with Directors in production, so she knows the importance of listening to what a Director requires and needs... Something often overlooked by service personnel. Like Anna, Catherine has a discerning eye.

Aurore Teboul

Aurore is our team Co-ordinator. With her French charm and winning smile, she adds yet another aspect to our global team but more importantly, she makes Bang Bang “Home” to every visitor.