Bang Bang Films


 Every job is a team effort. Our team, working with your team. This is ours.

Anna  Mira D’Ercole

Founder of Bang Bang Films and the team leader. It is Anna’s mix of pragmatism, adeptness at sourcing the best crews to shoot in the most obscure locations, within budget and tight time frames yet all the while maintaining that  
Milanese aesthetic, that sets her apart.

Anna’s ability to deliver a first-class production with value stems from her background as a Photographer then Assistant Director and finally a Senior Producer.

Blaise Sheasby

Blaise is the latest addition to the Bang Bang Films team, but cerainly not new in the industry.

For more than two decades, she has supported the Cape Town and Johannesburg Film & TV industry, initially in a technical capacity and more recently in service facilitation.

Her organisational skills, resourceful nature and her keen understanding of client service means she will always go the extra mile. Or two.